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Sunday 21 June 2009, 10:39
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Sean Nicholas Savage

i can’t stop singing his songs. with their simplicity, ease and abundance i can entertain myself for an entire afternoon intimating bites of snack length tunes.

today is my dad’s birthday. it is also father’s day. sean’s music reminds me of my dad. gerald “jerry” roberts could conjure a jaunty (if not raunchy) song from his memory of living in the days before radio, the days before rock, and the days before music needed to feign cynicism or style.

studying a performing art especially in a classical style can lead a performer to believe that the execution of something particularly difficult in a “perfect” manner validates their training. it does. it doesn’t mean that impeccable intonation, theory knowledge, timing, chops, or unending convoluted verse will effectively express the loneliness of a city, the thrill of biking in summer, of the loss of love.

pop is a battlefield. i often feel that i should be creating something more serious, more experimental, more challenging. then i listen to sean’s music and remember that proficiency should not be confused with relevance.

*           *           *

today is my dad’s birthday. it is his third posthumously. it will be the third that has come and gone without me scattering his ashes in Coaldale as i had planned. apparently a 6 month time line for mourning was too short.

i am working on something. so far it is only in my mind. i’m gathering memories or forging them from scraps of family annecdotes to create a project that will hopefully shed some light on how my father’s side came to be the way they are. we are. i am calling it Sugar Beet League.


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