braking teeth

how would you like 1000 tiny punches to the face?
Friday 10 July 2009, 17:06
Filed under: bike, kitties, lists

1. Ethel has a skin condition
2. She is still cuter than Fred
3. Megan Heather returned from Victoria with designs to live in our apartment but I freaked out at the thought of a third person (or fifth if you count Fred & Ethel, FRETHEL) cohabiting  so we’re moving
4. Our new house is only a few blocks away but it is a beautiful bastion of the days when Albertans valued character above montrous displays of oil money (and oil money spin offs)
5. why do we live here?
6. Cherry Whiskey & Movie Studio Salt Saturated Free Popcorn sponsored Wii Mario Kart tournaments at Jamie’s new apartment are swell
7. Shamira and I bought two Norco Origami folding bikes from my place of employment
8. jealous?
9. I don’t want streamers on my handlebars but if you do I won’t judge you


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lol@”and oil money spin offs”

Comment by Amber

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