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Wednesday 22 July 2009, 18:13
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Edmonton is growing on me with each 3-day weekend. It’s not that I hate this city, not even remotely, but it feels like eons since I was last on tour. Working only four days a week, biking as much as possible, and summering in a region that stays sunny until 11 pm is almost as exciting as being crammed into a sweaty van right?

As for the missing days,

this past SATURDAY afternoon We woke way later than planned before heading out to ‘EATery at the ARTery‘. Supposedly they have re-dubbed the group ‘EAT at the ARTery’. Personally I prefer the former name but who am I? We got to the venue (I call it a venue because I have performed and attended many shows at the ARTery but it is a multi-use space that puts on wicked art & cultural events of all sorts) at about 1:30, halfway through the allotted feeding time. The vibe felt like most of the crowd had already came, ate, and ran. According to Sarah P, one of my favourite CIRCLES DJs mentioned previously, guests were lining up at 11:30 – half an hour before doors – to claim a plate of Julianna’s cooking.

Julianna Mimande used to run one of my favorite local spots called B A C O N (photos of it’s radness here). Sadly BACON and it’s neighbour, my favourite edmo vintage shop, closed last fall. BACON has been replaced with a second Culina location, Culina Highlands, which I have to admit is a more than acceptable substitute but nowhere near as renegade style in menu or decor. Now that Julianna’s talent is available at the ARTery the lingering tragedy is that many people never experienced BACON. It wasn’t your time BACON. Too soon.


What? EATery. Yes. Weekly. $10. Different every 7 days.

On the 17th Julianna and Sarah were offerering Goat cheese & asparagus strata with new potato hash (with or without bacon), Capuccino Ice Cream sandwiches and lemon, tarragon & gin slushies.

Excellent! However, next time I plan to show up when the doors open because the meal was a bit less hot than I like (I didn’t say cold!) and I have a feeling that my late arrival caused me to miss running into psuedopeeps (acquaintances?) that I would anticipate seeing at the ARTery.

My mom called right as I was finishing my meal to take my AVON order. Yep. My mom is now selling AVON which I completely support. Many of their products are seriously lame or worse, not so environmentally friendly, but if AVON will keep my mom from having to find a third job then I am all for it. A 59 year old woman who has worked hard all of her life shouldn’t be forced to work even harder as she nears ‘retirement’ age. I’m really glad my mom doesn’t use the internet.

SATURDAY night Dance, I like the way the you move… pretty baby. Not quite. We were supposed to attend Christopher Bradley Bruce’s birthday binge at the Empress but decided against leaving the house. It would have been the folders’ first cross river trek, but the sky looked and smelled deadly. The biggest solid cloud I have ever seen was slowly hovering over downtown. Being just old enough to be scared on Black Friday has learned me real good not to mess with Edmonton’s summer storms.

In lieu of Whyte Ave drunkenness we gathered Marshall, Jamie and Megan to finally play Settlers of Catan. Yep. I am now one of those people. In our defense:

1. We don’t own it, or didn’t at the time

2. I could’ve gotten into the German board game craze three years ago when ‘gamer’-est group of friends were raving but decided to hold off as long as possible

3. #2 actually makes me sound like a douchebag

What did I learn?

1.  I’m way too competitive

2. I will sulk if I am losing

3. Marshall and Jamie are really cute

4. Being engrossed in good board game can totally blind a person to their surroundings i.e. the worst Edmonton storm in 20 years, trees splitting, power outages, and having to play by kerosene lamp and candlelight were all blips on my radar

SUNDAY Shamira and I were so caught up in Catan that we became obsessed with tracking down a release in the series that was playable for two. After several stops at typically closing or closed “well, it’s Edmonton on a Sunday” stores, Shamira suggested popping into Chapters. We found Catan the card game! I think we have played three or four games in five days.

Sulking when performing poorly will be my undoing.


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