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it’s not regular
Friday 14 August 2009, 11:11
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[this post was started on July 24th. i haven’t had a minute to spare for blogging.]

“It’s not regular”

That’s what the dude at Castle Pita, the Lebanese market just west of MacEwan arts campus, said when I asked him what the carbonated yogurt drink was like. He also said the opaque white drink in my hand wasn’t “like Coke”. His description was so accurate (see: drinking fizzy liquid cheese). Throwing out food is a huge faux pas to me but I couldn’t persevere; I tossed my irregular soft drink half way through the battle. Would you carry around a dairy drink that was noticeably fermenting with every sip at high noon in July? Don’t judge me.

*            *            *

Illfit recorded at Macewan this week for a summer recording class that Nik Kozub teaches. We did it last year too but the results were kind of brutal. Last time we came in the day before heading on our first real tour. The session was rushed and plagued with troubles getting the right tempo for Band Back Together.  Plus Nik’s students weren’t really feeling us so any interaction beyond the studio window was like pulling teeth.

Band Back’s kind of a barn burner. So far we’ve only been able to do it justice live unlike ‘Goodnight Edmonton’ which has yet to come off believably for an audience. Liam’s girlfriend (who deserves to be introduced as the best solo introspective lofi lady with a guitar in town rather than just my bandmate’s girl friend) Jessica Jalbert and Caity Fisher cooked up a cover based on a rethought guitar part by Liam. Their innovation blows our 90s feedback jam out of the water at least in terms of live playability. Hopefully with their approval I can post it to our myspace soon.

Anyway, this time around the basement of MacEwan was way better. This was our first recording without Doug Hoyer. I can comfortably say that we are more than satisfied with our newest draft pick on bass, Catherine Hiltz (of Storyboard, Whitsundays, Hot Panda, and nearly every notable Edmonton pop band in recent memory needing one more set of skilled hands to play the parts that full time members couldn’t fill). We breezed in, set up rather quickly, fired off two songs, ate an odd lunch, threw down some vocals & percussion, and we were out. Easy peasy.

Unfortunately we didn’t record any new songs. As an exercise in writer’s block we revisited two songs from our endlessly “forthcoming” second EP, ‘The Answer is No’ and ’10 A.M. Riser’. Nothing notable was added to the latter but ‘Answer is No’ went surprisingly well. Liam set off a blazing bluegrass solo (video to be posted later) and upon his suggestion I did a three part airy harmony with myself on the half-time bridge. Without much coercion we even got the recording students to do a gang vocal “NO!” hopefully solidifying an exceptional memory of a summer recording class.

I decided not to push my luck by asking for another day off work so we weren’t available to do a second day of recording. Nik booked the Wet Secrets for the second session later this week. Surely their session with or without full marching regalia also etched an indelible memory for the budding engineers.

I returned to my stuffy office pretty pleased disregarding the wages that I had forfeited to lay down another recording that may never be heard let alone released. The state of Illfit Outfit’s lackadaisical potential is an unending frustration.


Sometimes it just takes a good day of recording or an unexpectedly synchronous show to remind me how much I love this project. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep putting effort into it though. Pop is getting me down. A solo outlet might be just what I need.


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