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canadian gals dem no like batty man
Friday 11 September 2009, 14:59
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I just read this Guardian article about a hate crime in Jamaica, the most homophobic place on earth, and I feel compelled to go volunteer for J-FLAG.

I don’t really feel like being raped or stoned though.


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donate via paypal if u can towards development of the page and crisis intervention

Comment by Howie

i was in vancouver during pride week and i read a few newspaper articles about the atrocious things that happen to people in other countries who identify as any kind of “alternative” sexuality apart from monamorous heterosexuality. good lord. it blows my mind that:
1. there is such a huge chasm of understanding between where those countries are and where canada is.
2. despite #1, canada is still pretty messed up as far as acceptance goes (…just go to my hometown for evidence).
3. anywhere in the world still thinks this way.

love you and your fine gay self,

Comment by cayliedawn

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