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nine nights ’til we neglect the north
Thursday 1 April 2010, 13:08
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We set out for Coachella in less than two weeks.

Our journey itinerary resembles an amoeba of continental proportions complete with a flagellum propelling us away from and back to home (zoom out to confirm). The GPS has been given a name, Tomatilla, which should ensure accuracy, loyalty and spunk. Dixie Cup, our white ’89 Civic DX hatchback, has all new speakers, a small selection of thrifted 80’s new wave juxtaposed with Canadian fringe cassettes and ipod via car kit. As of last night Dixie also has a properly functioning passenger belt and an oil change is scheduled. She’s pushing 300,000 but doesn’t look a click over 250.

We are now outfitted with carefully chosen Coleman camping paraphernalia. Just a couple more items culled from MEC and family then we’ll be road ready. No sight of our third roadtripper, Shamira’s brother Sean, or my passport as of yet.

Here begins my photo research. Feel free to suggest any of your favourite holes in walls, back road oddities, or typical landmarks.

Today I look forward to finding:

Stomach turning chasms

Religious Kitch

Sacreligious Kitch

Woodland rest stop playtimes beneath anonymous overpasses.

Thaw fed waterfalls

An Experience Music visit extending beyond the foyer


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ok, kinda jealous.

Comment by dug

i’m jealous of me. can’t believe it. 2 days!

oh, and now i have the theme from amok time stuck in my head. not exactly my choice for a sunny ride home, but what dug wants dug gets.

Comment by jennimr

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