braking teeth

how would you like 1000 tiny punches to the face?
Friday 10 July 2009, 17:06
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1. Ethel has a skin condition
2. She is still cuter than Fred
3. Megan Heather returned from Victoria with designs to live in our apartment but I freaked out at the thought of a third person (or fifth if you count Fred & Ethel, FRETHEL) cohabiting  so we’re moving
4. Our new house is only a few blocks away but it is a beautiful bastion of the days when Albertans valued character above montrous displays of oil money (and oil money spin offs)
5. why do we live here?
6. Cherry Whiskey & Movie Studio Salt Saturated Free Popcorn sponsored Wii Mario Kart tournaments at Jamie’s new apartment are swell
7. Shamira and I bought two Norco Origami folding bikes from my place of employment
8. jealous?
9. I don’t want streamers on my handlebars but if you do I won’t judge you


you can’t dance like that to klezmer
Friday 10 July 2009, 16:49
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…And so continues my total lack of effort in choosing an entry title.

This is what happens with blogs and journals. I am too busy living to comment on life.

July 1st, Canada Day, was P2P aka Captain Apollo’s maiden voyage. Associated words would include:

Ismaili pancake breakfast, Leila, Emily, Shamira, $10 VV boombox strapped to seat post, Bike Month, B-list of priorities (batteries beef booze), klezmer tape, samosas, itty bits, gross, waxy, riverside tall cans, klezmer tape, cat pics with cringe causing captions, shitty weather tea, Megan Heather!, spiced rum & coke water bottles, Marshall & Jamie, claustrophobic pre-firework streets, dusk bushwhacking downhill, victoria golf course, fireworks, proposal